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Journal Accepted At IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

We are happy to announce that our recent results on secure communication of swarms of drones will be published in the reputable journal IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. Our manuscript, entitled "PASER: Secure and Efficient Routing Approach for Airborne Mesh Networks", can be found HERE. Check it out!

Successful Defense of Dissertation on Secure Routing in Airborne WLAN Mesh Networks

We are happy to announce that our team member Mohamad Sbeiti has successfully defended his dissertation project on secure and efficient routing in highly dynamic (airborne) WLAN mesh networks. The dissertation is online available HERE. Check it out! 

Nominated for Renowned ZukunftErfindenNRW Prize

We are happy to announce that our patent application Highly-secure Efficient Out-of-Band Over-the-Air Group Key Management in Public Safety Networks, where PASER is an example approach/implementation of one of its core components, has been nominated for the renowned ZukunftErfindenNRW Prize - 156 patents were submitted.

PASER Presentation at the ComNets-Workshop

We are happy to announce that PASER will be presented at the ComNets-Workshop on 13.03.2015 in Aachen, Germany. The workshop will be hosted by P3 communications, which is responsible for the mobile netwok testing of the annual connect magazine. Join us.

Live Demonstration of the Wormhole Attack

We are giving a live demonstration of the womhole attack on a WLAN multi-hop network that is secured via the IEEE 802.11i and the IEEE 802.11s security frameworks. The demonstration is taking place at CNI (C1-04-105) on 05.02.2015 at 14:00. Join us.