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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
KDC_configClass implements the Key Distribution Center Configuration
KDC_crypto_signClass provides functions to handle with GTK messages
KDC_schedulerClass implements the KDC's scheduler
KDC_socketClass implements the KDC's socket
PASER_B_ROOTClass implements PASER_B_ROOT messages
PASER_blacklistClass provides a map of IP addresses to which a route was broken and a RERR message was sent
PASER_configClass implements the PASER_config classes
PASER_crypto_hashClass provides functions to compute and check the hash value of PASER messages
PASER_crypto_signClass provides function to compute and check signatures of PASER messages
PASER_globalClass implements the main functions of PASER
GPSDATA::PASER_GPSClass provides API to read GPS Data
PASER_GTKREPClass implements GTK-response messages
PASER_GTKREQClass implements GTK-request messages
PASER_GTKRESETClass implements GTK-reset messages
PASER_MSGClass (abstract) that defines the common features of all PASER packets
PASER_neighbor_entryClass represents an entry in the neighbor table
PASER_neighbor_tableClass provides a map of node's neighbors
PASER_NMEA_ParserClass provides functions for parsing a GPS Data
PASER_NMEADataClass implements a GPS Data
PASER_packet_processingClass provides functions for working with all PASER messages
PASER_packet_senderClass provides functions for working with all PASER messages (sender)
PASER_RESETClass implements PASER_RESET messages
PASER_rootClass provides function to generate secrets, compute and check authentication trees
PASER_route_discoveryClass provides functions to start a registration or route discovery
PASER_route_maintenanceClass provides functions for working with PASER timers and Link Layer Feedback
PASER_routing_entryClass represents an entry in the routing table
PASER_routing_tableClass provides a map of node's routes
PASER_rreq_listClass represents an entry in the RREQ list
PASER_schedulerClass provides functions for working with PASERs scheduler
PASER_socketClass provides an interface to kernel space and to network device/wireless card
PASER_statisticsClass provides functions for working with PASERs scheduler
PASER_syslogClass provides functions for system logging
PASER_TB_HELLOClass implements PASER_TB_HELLO messages
PASER_TB_RERRClass implements PASER_TB_RERR messages
PASER_timer_packetClass represents an entry in the timer queue
PASER_timer_queueClass provides a list of node's timer
PASER_TU_RREPClass implements PASER_TU_RREP messages
PASER_TU_RREP_ACKClass implements PASER_TU_RREP_ACK messages
PASER_TU_RREQClass implements PASER_TU_RREQ messages
PASER_UB_RREQClass implements PASER_UB_RREQ messages
PASER_UU_RREPClass implements PASER_UU_RREP messages
rom_clientClass provides an interface to rom kernel module
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