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Find below a list of selected publications on PASER and related topics.

  1. Sbeiti, M., Goddemeier, N., Behnke, D., Wietfeld, C., "PASER: Secure and Efficient Routing Approach for Airborne Mesh Networks" IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications,  To appear in Q4 2015. [PDF] 

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  5. Sbeiti, M., Wietfeld, C., "On the Implementation Code of the Secure Mesh Routing Protocol PASER in OMNeT++: The Big Picture", poster paper, International Workshop on OMNeT++, Cannes, France, Mar 2013. [PDF]

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  7. Sbeiti, M., Hinker, J., Wietfeld, C., "VLX: A Novel Virtual Localization Extension for Geographical Leash-based Secure Routing in Indoor Wireless Mesh Scenarios"IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications - WiMob, Barcelona, Spain, Oct 2012. [PDF]

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